About Trine Healthcare

Trine Healthcare was born out of a vision to close the gaps for people in the most need, primarily people experiencing economic and housing instability. Our mission is simple. We build stronger communities by providing on-site wellness programs in subsidized housing buildings.

There are many services available to people that fall into this category, and there are thousands of agencies that can help them. Many of them are overburdened, understaffed, and rely on their members having the knowledge and transportation to access their services.

While working for an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), Trine Healthcare’s CEO, Natasha Perez, was approached by a company looking to implement a wellness program to assist their residents with the on-site services Trine Healthcare now offers. Recognizing the great need based on her extensive work with patients from all walks of life, Natasha rose to the challenge and started Trine Healthcare with the desire to help fill in those gaps and create a win-win-win for residents, ACO’s and subsidized housing owners alike.

This is where the name ‘Trine’ Healthcare was born. The word trine is derived from Latin, tres (three), to Latin Trinus (threefold), to Middle English (in a sense ‘made up of three parts). Trine Healthcare’s three parts are comprised of the: Residents, Trine Healthcare, and the owners and investors of subsidized housing buildings that want the very best for their residents.

With the middle class shrinking and the population aging, the US is at a precipice where healthcare is the front and center topic in the news and politics. We desire to grow our company nationwide to serve all of the residents in subsidized housing buildings.

Together, we can make a difference in people’s lives.

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