Case Study: Hearing impaired, no transportation, primary caregiver to limited mobility family member also living in the home


One of our members is significantly hearing impaired. They are also the primary caregiver to a disabled family member that lives in the household. Neither member has access to transportation; both are considered low-income and receive financial assistance.

The member came to us for transportation assistance to cardiology and audiology appointments as well as help with a hearing aid invoice they were not expecting. The member also shared that they don’t answer the phone because they receive so many spam calls. This makes it nearly impossible for outside agencies to reach these members.


We called the insurance company and hearing aid vendor and found that the hearing aids were not purchased through an authorized vendor of the insurer therefore, they could not be returned or repaired. We called the insurance company to see if there was a transportation benefit for this member; there was not. They also did not qualify for Medicaid, excluding them from their transportation services. (This process takes hours and is frustrating. Many members do not have the capacity, minutes on their phone, or knowledge to navigate the system to get the results they need.)


We called in our partners at to meet with our members and see if they might qualify for a health plan that provides transportation and meets their medical needs. Not only did they find a plan that provides transportation for the member, but they also received a plan that has no co-pays and no drug costs while being able to keep their current providers. Our partner also found that the member qualified for extra help, qualifying them for extra cost savings. They were also able to keep their quarterly over-the-counter benefit. We helped them order the supplies they needed. They did not know how to utilize this benefit and as a result, forfeited hundreds of their dollars because they didn’t understand how to use the benefit and wouldn’t have called to ask for help due to the hearing impairment and spam calls.

We are working with an agency that will pick up the remaining cost of the new hearing aids. We were able to schedule a home visit by a nurse to evaluate the bed-bound member to initiate care at home.

Preserving our client’s dignity and independence is a priority at Trine Healthcare.