Case Study: When prevention and technology collide


Consistent high blood pressure, provider contact information invalid, unable to use technology to find member’s provider


We have a member who would come down intermittently to get their blood pressure checked. This member is generally in good health. However, recently their blood pressure was very high. We retested their blood pressure a few times to see if the reading was consistent, and it was. We asked them to reach out to their doctor for further evaluation. The following week we checked the member’s blood pressure again and it was still high. We asked if they had scheduled an appointment with the provider and they said, “they are not answering their phone.” The member had called their provider a few times, trying to schedule an appointment, with no success.


We received permission from our client to call their provider and try to schedule an appointment. The message on the recording said, "we are no longer accepting calls at this phone number." Our member doesn’t know how to use the computer to find their provider. We were able to locate the provider and schedule an appointment for the member. The member went to their appointment; their blood pressure was still high. The provider changed the members’ medications and gave them two business cards: one for us and one for the member. The provider also asked that we report the member’s blood pressure to the provider weekly so that they can monitor it closely and make sure that the new medication changes are working. Regular testing and monitoring of vital signs can help catch some life-threatening conditions before they end up as a costly trip to the ER or worse, cause irreversible damage. Not having the knowledge or technology to track down providers, being placed on hold and getting disconnected frequently makes members hesitant to stay vigilant with preventative doctor appointments. We are here to close those gaps.