What's in your secret sauce?


My experience as an Administrator, Outreach Director, and Entrepreneur in the healthcare space affords me the luxury of understanding the healthcare system and advocating for myself and others. I don’t have to rely on anyone else to assist with my healthcare decisions yet… (I highly encourage everyone to designate a Power of Attorney for healthcare sooner rather than later).

But what happens to all of the people who don’t understand the convoluted maze of healthcare? Frankly, there are so many parts of healthcare that seem to be developed to mislead us.

We untangle the mess and get results.

One of the biggest reasons we are successful at what we do is that we have taken the time to build relationships with our members built on trust. We meet our members where they are, on their timeline, at their pace.

We don’t hand out referrals or direct people to websites. We work with our members to ensure that each need is met and that the gap gets closed.

Agencies, doctor’s offices, and insurance companies have shared their gratitude for our services because we can connect with them when they have not been successful. Being housed on-site gives us an advantage for connecting with people and keeps communication open.

Just the beginning…

We are grateful for the positive impact we’ve made in such a short time. We’re not stopping there. We are expanding this year into several new markets and look forward to proving that closing the gaps on social determinants of health is not just a dream; we are making it a reality. We take the complicated and make it simple. Our process is lean and cost-effective, making it attractive to affordable housing owners.

We are building stronger communities by improving public health through our on-site wellness programs.

Cheers to your better health!