Value to Accountable Care Organizations

Reduce your no-show rate

Value based providers are trying to do healthcare right. Challenges they still face are high, no show rates which can severely affect their profitability because they don’t double or triple book their appointments, offering more time to spend with their patients.

Increase your satisfaction scores

Imagine if you had a trusted advisor on your side reinforcing the care plan you were trying to implement with your patient? When patients are able to achieve goals that they helped to create with their providers, they are likely to feel a sense of accomplishment and generally wish to continue on their journey to wellness. Trine Healthcare’s Wellness Directors act as a liaison with the provider and patient to reinforce the goals created in their care plan. Because we are on-site and connected virtually, we are the link that fills the gaps in the system. Teaching people how to stay connected socially is also one of our main goals to combat isolation and depression; especially during a pandemic.

Complete telehealth visits even if your patients don’t have a device or wi-fi

Your patients may not have a computer, mobile device or wi-fi, but we do! Patients can come to our wellness office located in their building for their telehealth visit. We have our computers, telephones and hot spots, ready to connect. For many of our clients, transportation is a major deterrent in scheduling and completing doctor visits. So many clients end up in the ER, costing the payors thousands of dollars in unnecessary visits because they waited too long to be seen and called for emergency transport to the ER.

Utilization of plan services

Health plans offer a panoply of benefits to members these days, especially those on Medicare Advantage plans. We help residents use those benefits. We can assist in every aspect from ordering their over-the-counter items they need, setting up their wearable devices and helping them stay accountable, showing them how to access free classes and information and using the 24/7 triage lines to try and keep our ER’s free for trauma patients.

Host virtual events

Members that are in the most need often don’t have access to computers or the internet to listen to the new benefits that are being rolled out every year. In light of COVID, we utilize our technology to host small events where we can stream your content to your members or potential new members.